You have... one brain, one body, one life.  

Move Better l Think Better l Feel Better

It's all tied together!

The science is clear; integrated brain-body training is the most effective way to train your brain.  But guess what... it's also ideal for enhancing your physical performance.  This is because the brain and the body are all part of ONE system.  You must actively engage one to improve the other.


POWER BRAINing's scientifically-based programs train your brain and body, at the same time.  We strategically blend specific physical exercises, cognitive challenges, multi-sensory engagement, breathing techniques and mindful meditation targeting such vital skills as: 

  • Mental: l Executive Function l  Memory  l  Focus  l   Creativity  l  Auditory, visual & proprioceptive processing  l  Breathing control  l  Stress management  l

  • Physical: l Fall Prevention  l  Reaction time  l  Balance  l  Dexterity  l  Muscle tone  l  Joint mobility  l  Endurance  l  Motor control  l

POWER BRAINing™ is trusted by professionals in senior communities, organizations' human resource departments, hospital centers, clinics, personal trainers and gyms.  

Programs For:

Corporate Wellness

Senior Communities  (IL, AL, MC)

Caregiver Wellness

Training at Home

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