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Science-Based, Motor-Cognitive Training For Real Life
Convenient, Affordable Brain-Body Wellness
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About Us

Move Better l Think Better l Feel Better

It's all tied together!

The science is clear; integrated brain-body training is the most effective way to improve your brain health, physical performance and emotional well-being.  This is because the brain and the body are all part of ONE system.  You must actively engage one to improve the other.


POWER BRAINing's science-based programs train your brain and body, at the same time.  We blend specific physical exercises, cognitive challenges, multi-sensory engagement, breathing techniques, and mindful meditations to target such vital skills as:

  • Mental: l Executive Function l  Memory  l  Focus  l   Creativity  l  Auditory, visual & proprioceptive processing  l  Breathing control  l  Stress management  l

  • Physical: l Fall Prevention  l  Reaction time  l  Balance  l  Dexterity  l  Muscle tone  l  Joint mobility  l  Endurance  l  Motor control  l

POWER BRAINing™ is trusted by senior living communities, organizations' HR departments, hospital centers, brain clinics, personal trainers and gyms.  

Programs For Individuals & Organizations:

Senior Communities  (IL, AL, MC)

Home Care Providers

Employee Wellness

Personal Subscriptions

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