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The BRAINing Center Story

It all started when Mike Harrigan read an article about the benefits that brain training can have for senior citizens. Seeing his own parents struggling with age related issues, Mike decided to investigate the options available to help them.

This would turn into a multi-year hunt for a solution.  He traveled the country, meeting with experts, taking brain health courses, accumulating certifications, and learning everything he possibly could about the amazing field of neuroplasticity and human performance enhancement.

What Mike discovered is that there is no single exercise or tool that addresses the many needs of the human brain; it is far too complex for that.  Instead, if someone wants to improve overall cognitive health, they need do a variety of physical, cognitive, breathing and mindful exercises, often at the same time.  Mike also found that this kind of multi-modal training not only enhances cognitive function, it also improves physical performance, and emotional well being.  In fact, this kind of training was being done with great success by elite professional athletes, expensive brain clinics, and exclusive wellness centers.    

The problem… you needed to be a professional athlete, celebrity or millionaire to gain access to this kind of comprehensive training.  This was unacceptable.  Everyone should be able to live their best, healthiest life.  So Mike assembled an elite team of diverse experts, including top neuroscientists, PhDs, MDs, physical therapists, and personal trainers. Together they spent several years building, testing, and refining various solutions.    

POWER BRAINing™ is born!

Based on the latest science, and after years of testing, POWER BRAINing™ is the most advanced training system available.  It combines specific physical movements, multisensory cognitive challenges, controlled breathing methods and mindful meditations to target specific skills like memory, focus, executive function, processing speed and stress management while also improving balance, coordination, reaction time, dexterity, endurance, breathing control and more.

It's too late for Mike to share POWER BRAINing™ with his mom and dad.  But The BRAINing™ Center has helped countless people so far, and Mike keeps a picture of his parents in his office to remind him of The BRAINing™ Center’s mission: To give everybody the opportunity to think, move and feel their absolute best!


We invite you to join the POWER BRAINing™ revolution! 

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