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You want your child to excel academically, socially, behaviorally and physically!  

Well, everything is tied together.  The brain and the body are inextricably linked; to optimally train one, you must properly leverage the other.  What’s more, a child’s development and learning capacity depend on a solid foundation of sensory and motor systems.  The brain is built from the ground up, so it is critical to develop and refine these systems to achieve optimal cognitive function. 

POWER BRAINING For Kids has multiple programs available, to meet the cognitive and physical needs of children.  Each program is designed with a specific purpose, and consists of a series of fun and engaging classes.

Each class includes a combination of physical and cognitive challenges, timing cues and breathing protocols.  These activities target neural systems in the brain as well as peripheral neural networks throughout the body.  ​The dynamic training format keeps your child engaged and allows them to train at their personal level.  And all the exercises are delivered with precision and consistency for optimal results.  

The POWER BRAINING For Kids programs target critical systems in the body to enhance such skills as: processing speed, attention, memory, creativity, breathing efficiency, self-control, balance, endurance, motor control and reaction time .*  


POWER BRAINING For Kids is expanding to new locations.  Contact us to find out how you can get POWER BRAINING For Kids in your child’s school or activity center. 


*Results will vary for each individual.  For best results, training should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and sleep.

The Braining Center is not a medical provider; we provide educational and fitness services.  We do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.

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