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For more information about the Braining Center or if you are a Senior Living Center who would like a partnership, please contact Mike Harrigan at


The BRAINING Center (TBC) offers the most comprehensive and affordable brain training programs available, specifically designed for seniors.  The brain and the body are inextricably linked.  Training the brain enhances physical function and training peripheral nervous systems throughout the body enhances brain health and fitness.  So a comprehensive program is critical.   
ING programs target both the neural systems in the brain and peripheral neural networks throughout the body.  These programs integrate a combination of evidence-based tools and techniques, and deliver them in an engaging and motivating environment.  TBC offers customized training for seniors in two distinct and powerful formats: 

  • POWER BRAINING is a group training class, which integrates TBC’s brain-body principles, and is specifically designed to meet the cognitive and physical needs of seniors.  “Members” train regularly (2 to 3 times a week is recommended).  Each session consists of a series of specifically developed activities/exercises.  A professional instructor leads the class and assists/motivates Members, while TBC's video “coaches” deliver instructions and precise pacing cues on a large video monitor.  The exercises allow Member's to train at their personal level, while maintaining the social benefits of group training, which are essential to a healthy mind.  

  • Personalized Pod Training starts with an in-depth assessment, including a series of performance tests to establish baselines.  From this, our professional staff creates a personalized training program, with a training schedule to meet the member's availability.  Then the BRAINING™ begins...  The Member trains a few times a week, sometimes training in TBC's proprietary "Pod" and other times training in a group format.  The program continually adapts, based on the Member's improvement, to always provide the proper level of challenge.  Members receive periodic Progress Reports, and all along the way, TBC's professional coaches guide and inspire each Member on their journey toward self-optimization. 


Brain health and fitness depend on a solid foundation of sensory and motor skills. The brain is built from the ground up, and it is critical to train and refine these basic skills throughout life to maintain optimal cognitive and physical function.  

TBC’s senior-centric programs works on these critical skills through a series of specific activities designed to enhance reaction time, balance, stability, dexterity, muscle tone and motor control.  We combine these specific physical movements with cognitive loads, timing cues and breathing protocols.  This deliberate combination of techniques is developed to improve processing speed, attention, memory, creativity, visual processing, auditory processing, breathing and stress management.  All of these exercises are done at a specific frequency and duration to optimize results. 

Some of these exercises include: 

  • Wide Range Cognitive Challenges

  • Rhythm & Timing training

  • Heart Rate Variability (breathing training) 

  • Balance, Gate & Coordination

  • Dextercises ™ 

  • Reaction Training 

  • Aerobic & Strength 

  • Midline Training 

  • Bilateral Coordination 

  • Gross & Fine Motor Skills 

  • Visualization

  • Proprioceptive Training (the ability to know where one’s body is in space)



*Results will vary for each individual.  For best results, training should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and sleep.

The Braining Center is not a medical provider; we provide educational and fitness services.  We do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.

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