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Due to overwhelming demand, POWER BRAINing™ will soon be available for home use!

Our team of dedicated professionals have been working tirelessly to make format the revNow, more than ever we need to stay fit, keep our minds sharp, and reduce stress.

POWER BRAINing™ is a revolutionary, science-based fitness systems which trains your brain and your body, at the same time.  POWER BRAINing™ integrates specific physical exercises, cognitive challenges, breathing techniques, and mindful meditation.  This holistic approach leverages the synergistic connection between the brain and the body, challenging vital neural networks to organize, synchronize and respond more effectively.

POWER BRAINing™ has been used by hospital centers, brain clinics, senior living communities, gyms, professional trainers, and corporations - to help people think, move and feel better! 


Now, you will have access to the same powerful training used by the professionals

WiFi connection.  There are a range of programs to choose from, depending on your needs.  All of the programs are fun and easy to use, with engaging video coaches who walk you through each training session.

Do you want to train your brain, improve physical performance, and lower stress - at the same time? 

For the first time, you can train at home with the same powerful programs used by hospital centers, brain clinics, senior living communities, gyms, professional trainers, and corporations.  POWER BRAINing's cutting-edge training helps people think better, move better and feel better. 

For just a few dollars a month you can train like the professionals. 

We have Home Use programs for:






All you need is an internet connection and computer, smart device, or smart TV and you are on your way to a better brain... better body... better life!

Programs for all ages, abilities and needs.

See below for a list of Home Use programs

POWER BRAINing blends physical exercises, cognitive challenges, multi-sensory engagement, breathing techniques and mindful meditation for overall brain health and wellness. Training sessions are delivered from the internet onto your computer, tablet, or smart tv, through a web browser so training content is always precise, consistent, and up-to-date.  Our engaging Video Coaches make the sessions fun and easy to follow.

POWER BRAINing is trusted by experts at hospital centers, clinics, senior centers and corporations, to help countless people think, move and feel better.  Now YOU can do POWER BRAINing anytime, anywhere.

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