Revolutionary Brain Training

Train Anytime - Anywhere


Four powerful programs - one low price, for all ages and needs, targeting: 


Memory - Stress management - Focus - Processing speed - Executive Function - Mindfulness     


Fall prevention - Reaction time - Balance - Dexterity - Breathing Control - Joint mobility - Endurance 

POWER BRAINing blends specific physical exercises with cognitive challenges, multi-sensory engagement, breathing techniques and mindful meditation for overall brain health and wellness. Training sessions are delivered from the internet onto your computer, tablet, or smart tv - so training content is always precise, consistent, and up-to-date.  Engaging Video Coaches make sessions fun and easy to follow.

POWER BRAINing is trusted by professional at hospital centers, clinics, senior centers and corporations, 

to help countless people think, move and feel better. 

Now YOU can do POWER BRAINing anytime, anywhere.



Get all 4 Programs for One Low Price

Includes: Power Burst 25, Fit 50, R&R and the Better Together Program 


The Braining Center is not a medical provider; we provide educational and fitness services.  We do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical condition.  Always use caution when exercising. Products subject to TERMS OF USE.

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