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Our Team

The BRAINing Center’s Team is comprised of passionate, well-credentialed individuals and organizations who are dedicated delivering the most comprehensive, effective, convenient and affordable brain-body training solution on the market.  The combined talent of the Partners, Executive Team, and Advisory Board exhibit a broad range of expertise in brain fitness, physical performance,  technology and operations. 


Brain Advantage

Neurotherapy Clinic

Brain Advantage has been providing cognitive assessments and training to a wide range of clients for over ten years.  Their unique, multi-dimentional training program has helped their clients achieve life-changing improvements.  Recognizing the link between the environment, medicine and human health, the Brain Advantage clinic provides a healthier alternative to drugs


Leader in Neurological Assessments and Coginitive Stimulation

CogniFit is the premier provider of cognitive assessment and training video programs. These scientifically validated tools target specific cognitive skills, including concentration, memory, perception, coordination and reasoning.  


Visual Processing Leader

CogniSens is a recognized leader in the field of visual processing, a key element in cognitive training. Their scientifically based tool, which measures and improves cognitive performance, is used by elite athletes, military, and clinicians to improve cognitive health of patients, as well as trainees of all ages to boost learning.

Quick Board

Proprioceptive Training Expert and Innovator

Backed by multiple scientific studies, Quick Board provides amazing proprioceptive training. Utilizing real-time feedback, and specific movement protocols, this innovative tool that challenges your lower extremities to improve gate and balance.  This training is key to preventing slips, trips, injuries.

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Executive & Advisory Team

Mike Harrigan

Founder and CEO of The Braining Center

Like the prefrontal cortex, Mike leads the executive functions, providing vision and direction to The Braining Center.  He is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded, operated and exited over a dozen successful companies in the entertainment industry, where he developed and implemented several game-changing business models which are now industry standards.  He also owned and operated a successful boot camp fitness company for several years.  After becoming fascinated by scientific discoveries related to neuroplasticity, and seeing family members battle debilitating cognitive conditions, Mike dedicated himself to making a difference.  He spent 10+ years researching the brain fitness industry, building a team of elite subject matter experts, and developing/testing brain-based training solutions.  He has received certifications and training in many cognitive-training disciplines, and is now a distinguished thought leader in this complicated and rapidly evolving field.  In his spare time Mike can be found coaching wrestling or playing board games with his wife Carolyn, and his kids, Mikey and Mae.

Karlene Gardner

Director of Technology Integration

Karlene has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Management of Technology with over 20 years experience in software and product development.  As the Corpus Callosum, she is responsible for linking the "left brain" and "right brain" of the company, working with both the technical and creative aspects.  Her background in graphics systems has allowed her to create all the video and proprietary content of our training.  She manages the software development and integration of all technical tools at the Braining Center.  In her free time, you'll find Karlene either producing a school play or coaching a soccer game.

Dr. Thomas Walker, M.D., Ph.D.

"Double Doc"

Dr. Thomas Walker received his Ph.D. in Anatomy and Experimental Embryology as well as his M.D. from Georgetown University.  He then completed his Surgical Residency and Orthopaedic Residency at Georgetown University Medical Center.  In 1979, he became a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and practiced in Orthopaedics/Sport Medicine in Southern California and Northern Virginia.  He co-founded Commonwealth Orthopedics, which is now known as "Ortho-Virginia".  Dr Walker is an integral member of the BRAINing Center team.  His vast experience in both athletic and geriatric performance training, particularly as it relates to proprioceptive training, is invaluable. 

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Dr. Stephanie Reese

PhD in Cognitive Science focusing in Neurobiology and Neurophysiology

Dr. Reese has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science focusing in Neurobiology and Neurophysiology as well as degrees in Curriculum Development and Radiology. She is a former educator who, along with 20 years experience in radiology and nuclear medicine, has also been working in the neurotherapy field for more than a decade. She is certified and highly qualified in all many brain training therapies used in the HeadStrong programs.  She has authored multiple subject matter publications including two well respected books on the brain.​

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Smithson offers a range of services in the testing and treatment of numerous vision-related conditions.  He is on the forefront of the industry, often called upon to test and evaluate the latest visual-processing innovations.  He conducts visual and perceptual testing for adults with various vision-related issues, and for children experiencing difficulty in school.  Dr. Smithson is an industry leader in the evaluation and treatment of post-concussion vision syndrome.  He is the Director of Visual Performance for the Washington Nationals, the team Optometrist for the Washington Wizards, Spirit, Mystics and DC United, and Sports Vision Consultant for the Washington Redskins and Washington Capitals.  He also provides vision therapy to clients of all ages who are seeking to enhance their motor performance through vision enhancement.  Dr. Smithson is the chair-elect of the Sports and Performance Vision Committee of the American Optometric Association and a member of the Virginia Optometric Association.

Sherrie Hardy

Hardy Brain Training, Inc and Hardy Brain Training Foundation

Sherrie is a leading expert and an international consultant on overcoming learning and attention problems.  She is distinguished authority in the field of cognitive training, with a particular expertise in neuro-motor timing training. She has over 35 years of experience as a classroom teacher, school director, and perceptual-motor specialist. She holds credentials in teaching, reading and adult education, an MBA in Marital and Family Therapy, and a Masters level certification in Interactive Metronome Certification (MIMC).  Sherrie is also the founder of Hardy Brain Training, since 2003. The business consists of two separate corporations: Hardy Brain Training, Inc., which provides unique and innovative programs to improve our clients' lives, and Hardy Brain Training Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit corporation.  

The G Group

Kirk and John Galiani

Leaders in the Health and Fitness Industry and franchising experts.  The G Group management team has owned and operated some of the largest and most successful fitness center chains in the world; they possess extensive experience in product-rollout, store operations and customer service.  

Donald W Barrett

Founding Chairman and CEO of Brain Advantage, LLC

An engineer by trade, Don is a former a high-level executive at a major multi-national telecommunications company.  He has extensive experience in the development and use of several neuro-tech devices.   

John Traynor

Healthcare Expert

As a partner and co-founder of Health Tech Consulting, John has twenty years experience in the healthcare industry with a primary focus on the senior living market.

Mike Picciolo

PhD in Electrical Engineering

Mike has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and is recognized as one of world’s leaders in advanced radar systems, algorithm design & advanced tech development programs.  Mike is expert in multi-input sensor systems and signal processing, data analytics, data mining and statistical analysis. His experience also includes leading and managing organizations executing critical, cutting edge technology programs, as well as leading teams involved in advanced signal processing solutions, algorithm design, and development of new theory for modulation, detection and estimation.

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