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You want a sharp brain

You want a strong body

POWER BRAINING trains both... at the same time!  





Science now proves that the brain and the body are inextricably linked.  To ideally train one, you must properly leverage the other.  Optimal brain fitness requires a combination of physical and mental exercises. POWER BRAINING combines best-of-class brain-training techniques into a powerful and engaging group-training program.   

Your brain's health and fitness depend on a solid foundation of sensory and motor systems, which develop from the ground up, starting at birth.  As you grow, it is important to challenge and foster these systems so they mature optimally.  In our later years, critical neural connections can weaken, diminishing both your physical and cognitive abilities.  This deterioration will continue unabated, unless you take control.  It is vital to train and refine these basic systems throughout life to maintain optimal function.

ING is a revolutionary group fitness class, designed to enhance the health and fitness of your brain and your body. This science-based program is the culmination many years of research and development.  You train in an inviting group setting, with a professional, certified instructor leading the class.  Each class consists of a series of exercises, which activate neural systems in the brain, as well as peripheral neural networks throughout the body, designed to target such vital skills as: 

  • Mental:  Processing speed, focus, memory, creativity, auditory, visual and proprioceptive processing, breathing control and stress management *

  • Physical:  Reaction time, balance/stability, dexterity, muscle tone, joint mobility, flexibility, endurance and motor control 

POWER BRAINING classes are fun, engaging and easy to follow.  We have programs designed to comfortably challenge children, adults, and seniors of all level of fitness.  And our proprietary cloud-based platform ensures that the training content is delivered with absolute precision and consistency, to optimize results.  


There are POWER BRAINING programs to meet the needs of:

Seniors, Kids, Adults, and Athletes.

POWER BRAINING is actively expanding to new locations, including

senior living communities, schools, wellness centers, corporations and more.

Contact us now, to get POWER BRAINING in your facility or neighborhood. 


*Results will vary for each individual.  For best results, training should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and sleep.

The Braining Center is not a medical provider; we provide educational and fitness services.  We do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.


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