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Want a better brain? ... better body?

You can have both.  Its fun and easy.  Come learn how. 

FREE Brain-health Demo Days

We will be holding three free Brain-health Demo Days.  You will learn how your brain works, and how POWER BRAINing™ can help you think, move and feel better. 

You will also get the chance to take a POWER BRAINing™ class, so you can see first-hand why everybody is raving about this revolutionary new program.  If you prefer not to participate in the class, you can simply watch from the side.


Sept 5 @ VA Hospital Center (No Spots Left)

Sept 6 @ Ashby Ponds (No Spots Left)

Oct 18 @ Tribute at One Loudoun

(see below for details about each demo-day)

Experience this fitness revolution!
Fitness for Brain & Body
POWER BRAINing- is multi-sensory training to enhance the health of your brain and body, simultaneously.  Classes are fun, engaging and easy to follow.  Exercises comfortably challenge you at your individual fitness level.


ASHBURN, VA - Open to everyone


  • Day: Thursday, Oct 18

  • Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm:

    • Short Brain Health Discussion, followed by a POWER BRAINing Demo Class. 

  • Location: Tribute @ One Loudoun - 20335 Savin Hill Drive Ashburn, VA 20147 

  • What To Wear: Soft-sole shoes and comfortable workout clothing (or you can just watch the class)

  • Registration:  Demo occurs during Tribute's Lunch and Learn series.  Registration suggested but not required.  You can call Samantha to register at 571-252-8292.  

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brain health.

To learn how to get a demo at your community, contact Mike 888-616-3730 or

Questions?  Contact Mike H at 888-616-3730, or email at

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