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Fitness for Brain & Body

@ McLean sport&health

Spring Special


$40/mo.... That's just $3 per class!!!


Register now!




Register now for Power Braining and get classes for just $40/month

through all of 2018.


Plus FREE trial class.  Just drop in cand check it out!


Class Details:

Location:  McLean sport&health

Days/Times:  MWF 12-1pm

To register go to the Front Desk of McLean Sport and Health, ask for Bill Mak and fill out their registration form or call Connie at 703-407-1395 for assistance.

(You do not need to be a member of sport&health to take the classes)

Have questions?  Contact Mike Harrigan at 888-616-3730, or email at

FINALLY... a fitness class that works the BRAIN and the BODY!

POWER BRAINing is a unique program which targets performance of both the brain and the body.

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