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For more information about the Braining Center or if you are a Senior Living Center who would like a partnership, please contact Mike Harrigan at

Services of The BRAINING Center   

Based on years of research and development, The BRAINING Center (TBC) has developed a series of cognitively-based fitness programs to improve the health and performance of both the brain and the body, simultaneously.  Understanding that enhancing human performance is very complex, and involves multiple physical and cognitive systems, we employ a wide array of science-based tools and techniques, to achieve optimal results for our members. 

Our revolutionary program targets real life skills, such as focus, memory, processing speed, balance, dexterity, strength, coordination, visual and auditory processing, physical endurance, stress management and breathing efficiency, and more.*  And our proprietary platform ensures that the training is delivered with absolute precision and consistency, to optimize results.

TBC has multiple service offerings, to meet your specific needs.  Whether you need help for young children, elite athletes, corporations or senior citizens, we have a custom POWER BRAININGprogram just for you.  

There are POWER BRAINING™ programs to meet the needs of:

Seniors, Kids, Adults and Athletes.


*Results will vary for each individual.  For best results, training should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and sleep.

The Braining Center is not a medical provider; we provide educational and fitness services.  We do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.

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